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Scratching Twenty   February 1996!


(Romantic comedy about a Jewish boy and a Puerto Rican girl)


The Amazing Adventures of the Monogamous Duck 


(Dramedy about a writer, his editor, her family)








The New Yorker


(Drama pilot about five young con artists, one elderly man)


Peaches and Cream 


(Feature version of The New Yorker)


Confessions of a High School Bus Driver 


(Comedy pilot about bus drivers)

Great White Men in Black History 


(Romantic comedy about two black teachers, white student sidekicks)



(Slasher drama set in Puerto Rico)

The Pool Boy


(Drama about a battered spouse who finds work at a pool clearning service)

Murder in London 


(Murder mystery about fashion designers)


Shiva the Destroyer / Uppercut 


(Crime drama, love story, family dramedy about a South Asian boxer)

Irish Never Quit 


(Dramedy about a minor league ballplayer and a turbaned Sikh boy)

72 Virgins


(The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, dies, then meets the Prophet Muhammad.)

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